Hair Brained Ideas

Hair-brained ideas


Not speaking to Mummy right now. She tricked me into the barbers today and I happily sat in the chair but when he came at me with that buzzy scary looking clipper contraption I wasn’t having any of it. I batted the man’s hand away, he then refused to do my hair. We left. Result!


Now I’m really not speaking to HER! (Yes she who shall not be named – ok… Mummy) She only borrowed some clippers and had a go at shaving my head herself. What a flipping mess. I expressed my unhappiness loud and clear but she insisted that once she had started she couldn’t stop. Likely story! Even Big Bruv tried to intervene and told her to stop it and got quite upset. I was so traumatised I fell asleep on the back deck afterwards and had this strange dream that she was snipping away with nail scissors trying to rectify the complete hash she had made of it. Not impressed!


It was Waitangi Day a Public Holiday today in NZ. Mummy took us to the Marae to see our Big Bruv performing the Kapa Haka with his school. Minnie loved walking up and saying Hi to every single person, and there were lots of them. I just wanted to throw gravel in the car park but Mummy wanted us to go and watch the performance. I eventually gave in to that. However, I then saw a fun looking water dispenser that was there to play with, spoilsport Mummy insisted it was for drinking purposes only. I insisted otherwise. She didn’t listen and so I was forced to clearly demonstrate my displeasure at her unreasonableness and throw a meltdown of epic proportions. I mean a full lying on the ground kicking and screaming one. I managed to keep it up for ages, maybe 20 minutes at which point we all left. But I made my point!

Twinadoes Diary Hair Brained Ideas


Minnie got hold of a green marker pen and decided to paint her entire legs and arms and part of the sheet on our bed. She looked like a zombie. Mummy yelped when she came in and saw it. It’s quite funny actually ‘cos it’s permanent ink and she still hasn’t got it all off after two baths and a serious scrub with a flannel. Twinadoes 1, Mummy 0.


I love Friday’s. That delicious build up to the weekend you ask? Nope, cos we get fish and chips from the chippy for dinner. Big bruv does insist we count out the chips to measure that we have the right amount and that no one has extra. And I’m sure I saw Mummy cheating and eating at least 3 on the way home but she winked at me in the rearview mirror which made me giggle. I’m letting her off her bad Mummyness this week cos who can be cross when you have fish and chips with Ketchup?


Woah! Minnie is in BIG trouble today. Mummy was doing some… oh I don’t know, Mummy stuff and turned around and asked ‘Where’s Minnie?’ We looked everywhere; in all her hidey places and seriously everywhere, and then Mummy spotted the back door was open! She was running around the back garden like a crazy lady calling her name until we heard a little ‘Yes Mummy!’ She had only climbed through the bramble bushes and was in next doors garden. Big bruv was sent to retrieve her and there followed a very grumpy telling off… I just casually played with my Power Ranger nonchalantly.


Went on an awesome picnic today with another family as well. We played monsters and skimming stones into the ocean it was great fun. I love my Big Bruv’s friends they are so cool. We got ice lollies (blocks) on the way home. Top Day!

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