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Twins sleep | 5 ways my twins avoided sleep last night

If you’re the proud bearer of twins, particularly of the toddler variety, you may well recognise some of the epic sleep avoidance tactics that I encountered last night. When it comes to my twins sleep, it would seem that the number one winning tactic upon which they seem to have both privately agreed is simply this; confuse and confound with as many conflicting loud noises and requests as possible. Eventually she’ll give in and we will win.

Well my friends, they met their match with me. Let me tell you now, they did eventually go to sleep, and I am now referring to myself as the ‘twins sleep guru of the west’ (that’s west of the bedroom, FYI… The lounge is to the west of the bedroom. Keep up won’t you).

5 ways my twins avoided sleep last night

  • One wanted the light on and the other wanted it off. Short of providing a disco of flashing lights, there was always going to be a loser here.
  • They wanted a drink, but the cups I provided were not the right ones so more crying occurred. I rapidly went to the kitchen and came back with different cups. They were still not the right ones.
  • One pooed in his nappy and so they both cried. One cos he had a dirty bum and the other cos it was ‘STINKY and GROSS’. Obviously.
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  • They wanted to go in the lounge and watch Pingu and when told that was not happening they both fell on the floor screaming like they had been shot.
  • They both told me it was morning and when I showed them it was still night time and put them firmly back into bed they both howled like banshees for approximately half an hour until they fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion.

What did I tell you? They went to sleep, and I totally nailed the once feared trial of that which is known as twins sleep. I mean, alright… But they went to sleep didn’t they? I’m gonna call this one a win.

Twins sleep – nailed it!

Have yours got any to trump these tactics? Or better yet, if you have any more tips on convincing yourself you’ve nailed it on the parenting twins front, I’m always open to new things 😉

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