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Babysitter hell

Monday – New teenage babysitter arrived for her trial today. So thought I would take it upon myself to demonstrate how easy it is to lose a toddler. Who would have thought I could keep so still and silent under the slide whilst she and Mummy ran around panicking? Note to self try this one again and again, it never loses its shine!

Tuesday – I hadn’t been informed we were going to day-care this morning after big bruv school drop off, so when we drove past our road and carried on towards day-care I thought I would make my displeasure known by screaming at full volume and kicking the heck out of the back of Mummy’s seat. When will she learn? I expect prior notification of these things even if yes, we do ordinarily go there every Tuesday.

Wednesday – To ensure no more surprise visits to day-care I hid my shoes and posted Mummy’s keys out of the window. Resulting in making big bruv 20 minutes late for school. Which I would have thought I’d receive applause for but instead everyone was proper grumpy with me!

Twins Diary Babysitter hell

Thursday – After my success in scaring the freckles off my mummy and the new babysitter I thought I’d really up the ante today. I didn’t fancy a nap but Mickey was asleep so I thought I’d attempt a fairly high risk maneuver and climb out of my bedroom window. I hadn’t thought it through and got stuck hanging outside. I hung on for dear life. And gently called ‘ Help Help’. now apparently I may have overused the cry for help card, as Mummy chose to ignore me thinking this was just a ploy to get out of my room again! It wasn’t, so don’t assume again please. When she eventually came in to check and found me dangling, well, you should have seen how fast she moved and as for the bad words. Again. She really needs to clean up her language at times.

Friday – Overheard Mummy relaying the window climbing drama to a teacher at my day-care who said ‘Well she won’t try that one again’. Hello?? I thought these people understood kids? I will most definitely be trying it again at the earliest opportunity.

Saturday – Mummy was in a rush this morning for a breakfast meeting with a client, so I thought I’d help her by posting her keys put of the window again but forgot to tell her.

Sunday – Wow. We had 7 kids round today, and it was raining loads so we all had to stay in.. It was heaven so much noise and running around. I loved it. Mummy had her special medicine drink very early today. I thought she said never before 4pm.

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