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Sometimes being a single mum really sucks

Sometimes being a single mum with 3 kids really sucks. When you see pictures of all your friends out together at the beach, relaxing and having family fun days out, but you can’t go because your kids are runners and it takes a ratio of 1 adult to 1 child for safety reasons. Of course, well meaning friends offer, saying “we’ll be there to help.” But no fecker truly understands the stress of renegade twinadoes whose sole mission in life is to escape from you, at any cost.

You know what else sucks about being a single mum? When you see your girlfriends out with the girls. Drinking vino, looking tanned and relaxed in the company of other tanned and relaxed mamas. They have partners so it feels like they can all do these things with relative ease and without wondering if they can justify spending 100 bucks on a babysitter to go out just for fun ($20 per hour quickly mounts up) as well as the cost of drinkies, nibbles and a ticket to said event.

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I don’t begrudge my friends in any way; good on them. But do I feel envious and left out sometimes? You bet I do. Especially when I’m sitting here dripping in sweat, my hair looking like a raccoon cos I haven’t had time for my home dye. Nice trips to the hairdressers are a thing long past, as is the beauty salon for waxing, threading and facials… It’s all done at home these days. When I get the time, that is…

Most of the time I’m 110% happy with that. But some days I’m really not. Some days I miss having someone else to share the load with. I miss having someone to watch the 3 rascals so I can grab a 5 minute sanity breather. I miss having someone to have the kids so I can take my turn going out and having a giggle with the girls. Some days I feel overwhelmed with parenting. And some days I just want to be just me! Not for long just a few hours will do. Because when you’re a single parent you are never ever off duty! And sometimes being a single mum really sucks.

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