Lots of teal iced cupcakes on a pink background with a bite taken out of one

Chew, chew and spit!

Monday – Rainy bank holiday, boring. So got some good spitting out my lunch and dinner activity in. It’s really quite entertaining, Minnie joined in. Chew chew and spit. I love that we now are so in sync with each other our special twin bond. Chew, chew and spit.

Tuesday – Back to day-care and forgot where the wall was so ran straight into it with my head. Cried lots and got an ice pack, which I sucked but no nice juice came out. Rubbish.

Wednesday – I do wish they would explain things at day-care. They had blue glue today! Blue glue! I ask you? Thought it was paint, so ate it and painted my lips and eyes. Then they made a right fuss and wiped me up. Waited till Mummy arrived and repeated it whilst hiding under the table. Brother forgot where the wall was again.. God, he’s daft.

Pinterest size pin teal iced cupcakes on a pink background a bite taken out of one

Thursday – Fell asleep on the sofa at dinner time. So refused my dinner and cried when Mummy gave it to me then cried even more when she took it away. I’m nearly three. I’m allowed to keep changing my mind you know.

Friday – Thought I’d ease gently into the weekend. took my nappy off and did some very nasty liquid poos in the hallway. But rushed in to tell Mummy ‘I’m ok I’m ok’. She didn’t seem too chuffed and made some strange gagging noises when cleaning it up.

Mum and toddler sitting together on the beach smiling at the camera

Saturday – We all went to the beach in our gum boots (wellies) we demonstrated to Mummy that we could be quiet and play nicely. She thought Minnie and I were sitting in the sand dunes but really it was in a pool of stagnant water in the sand dunes. Gum boots make great cups when you’re thirsty.

Sunday – Woah! Avalanche! More very runny poos.. Not admitting it was the beach water. Don’t think we’ll be visiting Countdown again for a while either, good job they sell mops and do home deliveries or we’d flipping starve.

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