Spiderman toy hanging from the ceiling

Crawling & Climbing

Monday – Am really nailing this crawling thing. But keep getting stuck in reverse. Wanted my truck and just kept going in the wrong direction. Cried. Cried some more.

Tuesday – I think I want to be an explorer when I’m a big person. Either that or work in an ice cream shop. Both seem like lots of fun.

Wednesday – Following on from my thoughts of being an explorer I decided to try and explore the bedroom when Mummy put us to bed. Got halfway out of my cot but these darned baby sleeping bags are not built properly, so I fell and gave myself a black eye.

Spiderman toy hanging from the ceiling

Thursday – I’m NOT happy my silly twin sister was daft enough to fall out of her cot. Which according to my understanding is against the rules. So what happens? She gets loads of extra cuddles from Mummy all day. Right, two can play at that game matey.

Friday – Crawled head first into the dining table leg. Cried. Got minimal response, so reversed and did it again, twice. Cried. Loudly. Gave myself a whopper of a bruise and egg shaped lump. Was it painful? You bet. Worth it? Oh yes, look who’s getting all the extra cuddles now!

Boy and girl toddler twins sitting on the grass with the sea behind them

Saturday – Went to the beach for a family day. Mummy got stressed ‘cos we both kept crawling in opposite directions and eating sand. Well, I thought it was sand, but something was a bit sticky and got stuck all over my hand and face. Mummy started gagging so we left.

Sunday – Our big brother is so cool he has a Spiderman costume and can jump from one sofa to the other without falling off. He’s nearly 4 and my hero.

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