child sitting in front of a bowl filled with white iced ring doughnuts with blue sprinkles

Dinner time

Monday – So what if I loved your Bolognese last night? Tonight I hated it.I was quite impressed with my throwing skills as Mummy tried to stop me turning the bowl upside down and tipping all the dinner onto the floor. But you have to admit the bowl did look pretty good on my head.

Tuesday – I don’t care what you say. I will only go to daycare now in my butterfly princess dress two sizes two big. Mummy said it makes her look bad. Why? She wasn’t wearing it.

Wednesday – Cried because I wanted Peppa Pig on. Then remembered Peppa Pig scares me, so cried some more but louder. Much louder, to get my point across.

Thursday – Teddy was playing with his Ninja Turtles on the floor which bugged me. So I did what any self-respecting little brother would do, went over and hit him on the head with Spiderman.

Twins diary dinner time toddler covering his face while 2 smaller children make a mess with food high chairs

Friday – Thought I’d give Mummy a nice surprise and take my nappy off and smear it up the walls, all over the bed and then stamp in it finishing off with making it into some lipstick to give Mummy a big kiss. Have no idea why she started shouting bad words and gagging when she opened the door. Drama Queen.

Saturday – Saw myself in the mirror and thought ‘Oh you are ROCKING this nappy and Paw Patrol T-shirt look’. So went to look again and smile at myself at least 30 times. Admiring oneself never gets tiring.

 toddler covering his face while 2 smaller children make a mess with food high chairs

Sunday – Mummy slipped up and left the bathroom door open. Rooky error, she should know better. Saw my chance and took it. Threw my sisters dolly in the loo and flushed it. Not looking so pretty now is she? That’ll teach her to eat all my blueberries.

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