Twins Diary

Do your own DIY. Cheapskates!


I do wish Mummy would be more observant of where the holes are in the garden, as she completely failed to warn me of a big one today which meant I lost the game of chase with my twin sister as she missed it and I didn’t. She thought it was hilarious. Me slightly less so.


Apparently I made Mummy very proud again today as instead of the usual dramas at daycare drop off I decided to really confuse everyone by playing happily with the Mobilo and waving nonchalantly ‘Bye- Bye Mummy! I did think the way she jauntily sprinted out the door was a tad excessive but hey who am I to judge?


Decided today was not going to go so easily on Mummy as she seemed far too happy to leave yesterday. Ramped it up as we approached daycare by screaming for my Power Ranger. Evidently, Mummy was not prepared to battle me on this so we drove right past daycare and looped home to pick up the missing toy. Unfortunately for her, I had changed my mind when she retrieved it and threw it back at her in disgust. You can guess how the rest of drop off went…

Twins Diary


I no longer wish to sleep in my own bed the entire night. I shall henceforth wake between midnight and 1.30 am and shout for Mummy who does to be fair come running pretty darned quickly, mainly so I don’t wake up Minnie, and as soon as she opens the door I push past her and sprint down the hall into her nice warm bed. I ask for a bottle mainly as just something to say then stick my thumb in my gob and go to sleep. Loverly Jubberly!


I’ve heard of child labour but this is ridiculous. They’re getting us to do all the sawing and nailing now. Bloody lazy these grown-ups if you ask me. And have you seen my sister with that hammer..? Health and Safety!


Sick of being told eating sand at the beach is bad for me. I’m fine. Totally fine. Yes, I may have had a few gritty poops but nothing to worry about.


Spent heaps of time in the garden playing with my big bruv and his pals today. Not sure why everyone got so grumpy when I knocked down their fort with the light-sabre. I tried to explain I was being a dangerous Sith Lord, but would they listen?

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