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First birthday week

Monday – Didn’t want to sleep last night. Funnily enough neither of us did so we mutually agreed to take it in turns waking and crying. Worked a treat for us. Not sure what’s up with Mummy today.

Tuesday – Repeated the same as the night before and it’s fab. Think we are developing a real pattern that works for us. Mummy seems a bit absent minded today she put the kettle in the fridge. You should have heard the language. There are babies and a toddler in this house.

Wednesday – Heard Mummy on the phone to Grandma. Apparently tomorrow is a really big deal. A milestone. No idea what one of those is, just hope it isn’t painful like those injections the horrible nurse gave us.

Chocolate ice cream scoops inside half a hollowed pineapple surrounded by party hats and umbrellas

Thursday – Woah! It IS a big deal we turned One today. No idea what that means, but we got loads of presents and a cake. EACH!! Now that is cool. Can we have our birthday again tomorrow please?

Friday – Very disappointed. No more presents today. Although leftover cake for breakfast was pretty cool.

Saturday – Cake has apparently ‘All Gone’. Well I’m sorry, but that isn’t good enough. Magic up some more. Right now.

Sunday – Was feeling a bit out of sorts. So I took my sisters favourite dolly off her today, repeatedly. She just cried but let me. Mummy was a total spoil sport and kept making me give it back. I’m just trying to help her learn to stand up for herself Mummy.

Twins playing with a new toy on their birthday

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