Newborn Twins laying together in a hospital crib

Hey, we’re on the outside!

Tuesday – Day One! Well that was a bit of a surprise. Quite rude if you ask me. Which I’ll just put in writing no one actually did.. (ask me that is – keep up!) One minute we were nice and snuggily, albeit a bit squashed and suddenly the next minute, there was all this bright light and loads of noise, you know the loud kind. Next thing I know Minnie is pulled out of our private swimming pool which was dark and warm. Then, no messing around two minutes later, so was I.

Pinterest size pin newborn twins laying together in a hospital crib

Oh, Hi I’m Micky and this is my twin sister Minnie. I think we did well to make our presence known as soon as we came out.
Then we met Mummy, on the outside nice to put a face to her voice we knew it was her instantly. She puked everywhere including all over the nurses shoes. Who wasn’t expecting that from the look on her face! I tried to eat my sisters head. Anyway time for a snooze been an exhausting day.
Looking forward to chatting with you soon.

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