itchy bum twins diary

Itchy bum time…


My twin sister pulled a blinder fart in Mummy’s face today, a bare bum one as well. It was a classic. Really really stinky. Mummy nearly choked and I’m sure I heard a naughty word slip out as she gagged. For a girl, Minnie is pretty impressive sometimes.


Itchy bum what ya gonna do? Grab the nearest toy and in my case, it was one of my fave dinosaurs a Strepicysarous-something. I dropped my pants and was having a good old scratch of my bum area with the tail when Mummy turned around and spotted me mid-scratch. Flaming Nora’s, you’d think she’d never done it herself. Talk about over reaction, yet again. It was my dinosaur and he didn’t mind.


Everyone was ready for the school and day care run and they noticed I was missing. I thought I’d take myself off for a little R & R in Mummy’s bed. Loverly Jubberly. Keep the noise down you lot!

Itchy bum twinadoes twin diary


Us twinadoes were both sick last night and slept in the lounge with towels, wet flannels and sick bowls and of course Mummy. Suffice it to say we were all rather tired this morning. After dropping Teddy at school, who slept through the whole pukey debacle, we all snuggled up together on the sofa with the big blanket and fell asleep. Mummy and I were woken by my sister peeing all over us both. She was very understanding, I, on the other hand, cried… a lot. I was having a lovely dream.


Accidentally broke our big brother’s flashing basketball hoop today and he found it when he got home. It still is sort of in one piece but the wire is hanging out and it doesn’t flash anymore. Minnie was holding it when Teddy spotted it so he chased her and made her cry Mummy got cross and told him off and grassed me up! Which I thought was very unfair of her. Teddy then shoved me off the sofa I screamed and cried, Teddy cried, Mummy shouted at Teddy, and told me off for breaking it. All in all, it was a rubbish day. I went to bed still sulking that Mummy told on me, she could have just let him think it was Minnie… What do they say in prison? No one likes a grass!


We went to one of Teddy’s best friends today. he’s got this super duper cool house with loads of rooms and a MASSIVE telly up on the wall. When the grown-ups were all eating dinner outside we danced to Triangle Heads (not the proper name but the one us twinadoes use). All went well until Minnie tried to climb into their giant fish tank. She ruins everything!


Mummy took us to a playground at the beach with Teddy and his pal Max. They were both being silly standing up with no hands and Max got flung off the roundabout within 5 minutes of us arriving. Which although I’m sure hurt a lot, looked really cool. However, the upshot was ‘She Who Must Be Ignored‘ decided we all had to leave. WELL! I, nor my sis were having a bar of that thank you!! So we proceeded with a twinadoes Mexican standoff. I screamed and kicked and writhed on the floor. Mummy scooped me up and Minnie then did the same. She attempted to scoop up Minnie. I slipped onto the floor and repeat and repeat!! All was working in our favour, we weren’t going anywhere, when this flipping ‘nice woman’ appeared from nowhere and offered to help. Bloody spoilsport!! With one twin each, we were defeated and deposited in the car!

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