Lollipops with various sprinkles on a purple background

Kids party mayhem

Monday – (Minnie) Have decided that the only thing I’m wearing for the rest of eternity (whatever that is, but it sounds like a long time) is my little pink Sponge Bob wetsuit. I don’t see what the problem is? It’s warm, waterproof and sponges down well. I think Mummy may as well throw out the rest of my clothes, as this is it for me. Think I’ll start a new craze.

Tuesday – (Mickey) My sister is still wearing that stupid wetsuit. She thinks she looks great but I think it’s dumb. We’re not even going swimming, although I keep thinking we are and trying to grab towels and run to the door every time I notice her attire.

Lollipops with various sprinkles on a purple background

Wednesday – (Minnie) Panic stations! We have been robbed!! I woke up this morning and I was NOT wearing my pink wetsuit. It had been stolen. I kept waiting for Mummy to call the Police and report this travesty of justice. But she just calmly kept repeating “It’s Ok, it will come back soon”. I hate it when she does her ‘soothing and calm’ voice it winds me right up!

Thursday – (Mickey) Had an altercation with my hero today. My big bruv Teddy. Let’s just say he wasn’t too happy that I had accidentally left and thus incriminating myself, a stinky nappy when sneaking into his room and playing with his beloved Pokemon cards. I tried to tell him it wasn’t me but the fact he caught me eating one of the afore mentioned cards kind of blew my cover story.

Friday – (Minnie) Had the best day at daycare today. Dressed up like a princess and wore someone else’s silver glitter gum boots (wellies) all day. My kinda day. Especially when I got to climb into the art cupboard and get the paint out without anyone noticing till it was too late. Again!

Boy girl twin toddlers sitting either side of  older child eating a sandwich

Saturday – (Mickey) Just wanted cuddles all day. So shouted at Mummy every time she dared to get up and try and do anything other than sit on the sofa with me lying on her. Then I got hungry so cried. Mummy got up to get me some lunch and I shout at her that I wanted cuddles. So she sat down. Then I cried again repeating that I was still hungry as she hadn’t actually fed me. When will this woman learn to just do everything faster?

Sunday – (Minnie and Mickey) Kids party time! Our favourite. Screaming kids, loads of really high quality sugared up food and drink! What’s not to love? For some reason unknown to us Mummy seems to find these occasions highly stressful. This time she thought she’d outwitted us and took along our teenage babysitter so they’d have one of us each. Ha! Ha! Ha! That only added to our excitement of outwitting both of them. We basically ran riot didn’t let either of them sit down and engage in any actual conversation with anyone.

We made some spectacular attempts to run off and escape into dangerous places. Our top three were; 1. Pretending to go after the basket ball we were playing and carrying on running into the bushes straight to the ocean just behind us. 2. Minnie did a beautiful attempt at backwards walking whilst maintaining eye contact with Mummy and smiling until she reached the edge of the outside toilets and bolting. 3. In perfect synchronicity (well we are twins) legging it off in completely opposite directions whilst the babysitter was distracted. We both made it to the the gate and to the roads edge where we could have played with the cars but we were simultaneously distracted by the pretty balloons tied on the gateposts as Mummy dashed up behind us panting and clutching her heart. Such a Drama Queen. Again!

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