Mummy’s Berry Clever Trick…


I don’t see anything wrong at 3 and 3 quarters of dropping my kecks anywhere and having a wee. It was the skate-park at the weekend at the top of the ramp, so countless other kids could slip and skid through it. Mummy tried to stop me then I heard her telling Grandma “He’s a sharer that kid, I’ll give him that”. So I think she was proud.


Apparently it was Mummy’s first day of freedom after the 2 week school holidays today. She was positively skipping as she dropped us at school and then daycare. Bit too happy if you ask me.


Well, it was all go at our house tonight. We had friends round for dinner and so it was all the usual chaos and then some. When Minnie asked Mummy, who was distracted cooking dinner, if she could get ‘it’ out of her nose. Luckily our big brother took her seriously and got a flashlight to look up her nose and yep there was a big fat red berry wedged up there.

Emergency positions were taken which meant me, Teddy and his best mate Eva ran around screaming the other adults quickly looked for tweezers and started googling, but Mummy? Well. I have to say she was pretty impressive. She calmly swooped Minnie ( the not so clever one now) up and lay her down across her knee, declaring “it’s ok I know what to do, I saw a safety video about this 2 years ago.” She closed the non offending nostril with her finger and told Minnie to open wide and blew hard and fast into her mouth. Nothing happened she repeated it and on the third go out shot the berry! Hoorah. Mummy saved the day.


My new favourite toy is the metal extendable tape measure. Unfortunately in a rather rough game of swinging it around my head and tug of war with it, my sister got injured today. In fact there was a big streak of blood down her face and it was literally pouring out of her hand. Mummy kept wiping the blood but it kept coming, Mummy was preparing to ring the docs to drag us in so she could get a stitch or two but luckily it stopped. I tell you she gets into more trouble than a piranha at an all day buffet.


Peed all over Mummy’s feet this morning when she dropped my kecks and told me to wee before getting into the car. It could happen to anyone.


Felt a bit bored at 3am this morning so managed to manoeuvre my way into Mummy’s bed and then when she fell back asleep, sat on her head and started playing dinosaurs. She was less than impressed.


OH MY GOODNESS! Grandma arrives from the UK tomorrow.. We are all in such a high state of excitement that I don’t think Mummy will be allowed to sleep much tonight that’s for sure. Oh, and I can’t wait to see what she’s brought me, she always brings really cool presents from the UK. I think they must have way better toy shops.

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