boy dressed as superhero

Pingu again… Result!

Monday – Thought I’d take my nappy off and pee all over the bedroom floor as a nice surprise for Mummy when she got up. Also, hiding the nappy under the bed where she couldn’t reach it. Surprisingly she wasn’t too impressed.

Tuesday – Saw an opportunity to make a break for it this afternoon my brothers were play fighting (as usual) and silly Mummy had left the door onto the dangerous front deck open, the one that we twins aren’t allowed onto but Teddy is, because he’s 6 and is so much more mature (supposedly).

Grabbed my chance when Mummy was in the kitchen making me a drink, sucker! And ran for it. She galloped over the baby gate like an Olympian, but too late. Sprinted out and round the house. Till I got to the edge of the flight of 10 steps and I tottered over the edge, Mummy screamed and I quickly not wanting to lose any speed, jumped/tripped down the first two steps. I’m sure I could have made it to safety but old droopy drawers scooped me up, asking if I wanted to kill myself? Which I thought was a bit of an inappropriate thing to say to a 2 year old.

Wednesday – Decided Mummy’s dinner was a load of old poo tonight so turned my bowl of spag bol over and poured it onto the floor. That’ll teach her to give us the same dinner two nights on the run.Then decided I wanted my dinner and kicked and screamed until she scraped it up off the floor and put it back in the bowl. Then I ate it.

My sister ate most of her dinner and then put the rest including the bowl on top of her head. Mummy was a bit of a grump, as she then had to spend 20 minutes picking the mincemeat out of her hair. Minnie was quite happy, as she got to watch My Little Pony.

boy dressed as superhero

Thursday – Big bruv left his bedroom door open and I went in and liberated all his Lego models off the shelves onto the floor. I thought I’d be a helpful little brother and so broke them all into bits again so he could have the joy of rebuilding them. Teddy came into his room and for some reason had a full on tantrum and shoved me. I then ran screaming to Mummy who told us both off. Very unfair.

Friday – Thought I’d suck Mummy’s computer wire again when she had left it plugged in to the wall. Not sure why she makes such a fuss every time I do this as I quite like the tingling feeling on my tongue, but she jumps up like she’s the one about to be electrocuted each time. Honestly!

Boy girl twins sitting on a sofa drinking milk from bottles

Saturday – I was really looking forward to daycare today and when I was told unceremoniously it was a stay at boring home day, I had a tantrum lay down and repeatedly kicked the walls. It hurt my feet but I didn’t care and carried on regardless. What made it worse was Teddy laughing and saying he was glad it was a stay at home day. Traitor!

Sunday – Mummy was running around doing lots of ‘jobs’ today. I ran around after her helping, by throwing the clean washing onto the pile of dirty washing and rolling on it to help mix it all together. Mummy got very grumpy and I was sent to watch Pingu. Result!

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