Potty training and willy pulling

Twinadoes Diary of Three Year Olds

Monday – Half an hour late for daycare again today due to my idiot sister. Minnie did not want to wear her unicorn dress today and screamed and rolled around on the floor until Mummy removed it sharpish. She then screamed and rolled around on the floor cos she wanted it back on. Women! I’ll never understand them.

Tuesday – Was jumping on the bed tonight and Mummy threatened the dreaded ‘Do you want to go to Time Out?’ If we didn’t lie down and go to sleep immediately. I quickly lay down with my Biya (blankie to you grumpy grown-ups that haven’t a clue) My sister responded with ‘ Yes, want time out” She is such a rebel, I love her. Mummy just looked flummoxed. Result

Wednesday – This morning Mummy tried to fob us off with wholemeal instead of white toast. We soon put a stop to that by Minnie shouting “Ewww Yuck” and unceremoniously spitting it out. I followed her lead and did the same. It’s so great when we’re in sync.

male toddler standing at potty with mum to the left encouraging him

Thursday – This potty training thing is a doddle I now just wee and poo in my pants and someone cleans me up and make a right fuss of me. Nice work if you can get it.

Friday – Just noticed my willy today sure it wasn’t there last week. Anyway, it is fun to pull and pull and pull especially when it makes Mummy cringe and cry ” Don’t pull it that hard it might hurt” I don’t think she gets that clearly it is just like a bouncy spring and will bounce back no matter what.

Saturday – Minnie was inspecting me on the potty and asked “What’s that?”, although I know she’s seen it before. She laughed and ran around pointing at her bits screaming “My Willah” Mummy tried to explain she didn’t have one. Minnie wouldn’t have it!

Sunday – Sunday’s are made for lazing around and demanding food and drink on tap whilst the 3 of us lie in front of the telly. I would feel sorry for Mummy with 3 demanding kids but hey, she could do with ‘losing a few pounds’. Her words not mine, before you militant mummies jump down my throat.

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