brother and sister sitting together on a sofa, brother holding tape sister's legs taped together

Sellotape Prisoners

Twinadoes Diary of Three Year Olds

Monday – Mummy took me and my big bruv to the beach and she got stung by a wasp and didn’t even cry. Ok she screamed like a proper howler when Teddy said the wasp is still on you and did a weird jerky dance but she still didn’t cry. I was impressed.

Tuesday – Playing with my willy today and stuck my finger up it and Mummy nearly vommed, she said this wasn’t appropriate behaviour at Daycare. So I’m guessing anywhere else it’s Ok. Think we’re off to the library tomorrow. Will let you know how that goes.

Wednesday – My twin sister is obsessed with Butterflies. She has everyone following her around at daycare talking about the beautiful butterflies she even uses this really ‘cute’ voice to say it and all the big people copy her. So not even really cute; no-one say that to my mobilo dinosaurs.

brother and sister sitting together on a sofa, brother holding tape sister's legs taped together

Thursday – Spent the day growling and roaring like a dinosaur instead of talking my throat is flipping killing me but I’m not a quitter.

Friday – I don’t think I did anything wrong because sometimes a boy has to put his foot down when his pesky sister steals his Mobilo, that he is currently playing with and laughs in his face while doing it. So, I stand my ground that I was perfectly within my rights to pull her hair and smack her with my one remaining piece until she dropped it. Nope not going to apologise. Not ever.

Saturday – Started the day with cuddles and Pingu, doesn’t get much better than that. OK, so tipping my bottle onto the new sofas to see which way the milk ran, kind of put a stop to Pingu but it was all good while it lasted.

Sunday – Mummy nipped off for a quick 5-minute shower and said ‘You’re in charge’ to our big bruv. Out came the sellotape. We didn’t think he’d really do it but I’m just glad he stopped at our legs.

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