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She should have moved out of the way

Twinadoes Diary of Three Year Olds

Monday –  I’m a bit miffed to be honest. Minnie wangled a day out of daycare today, so I had to share Mummy which was OK till about 11.30 and then I decided it wasn’t. So went around tipping every single toy out of every box I could find and throwing a few of them for good measure. That’ll teach Minnie not to muscle in on ‘my time’. Only realised afterwards they were mostly my toys I was throwing but anyway the principle still stands.

Tuesday – I love sandwiches. Not Mummy’s rubbish ones but daycare’s ones are the best. Apparently, it’s rude to climb over the table and take some from another child’s plate. Although in my defence she was talking and looked like she’d finished.

Wednesday – Just couldn’t be bothered using the potty today so just peed and pooped in my pants whenever I felt like it. About time those big people did a little work around here.

Thursday – We went to the local Regional park today where mine and Mummy’s favourite big tree is. It’s still my hot fave, but not sure it’s still Mummies after my sister climbed it and got her head stuck so Mummy had to go rescue her in her jandals (flip flops). Several shocking words were heard on her descent.

cricket bat and ball close up on grass

Friday – Our big brother Teddy is my hero. I love playing with him until he takes his really cool toys away into his bedroom. This morning I had had just about more than a 3-year- old can take when he took his bakugan (plastic balls that fall open into shapes when thrown on the floor) off me. I proper lost it. I screamed all the way to daycare and climbed out of my car seat whilst Mummy was driving. In the end, she promised to buy me my own. Result! If only she’d thought of that 50 minutes earlier, then I wouldn’t have had to scream the place down and make her cry.

Saturday – Smacked my sister in the head with a plastic cricket bat today. Why? Cos I could. Mummy completely overreacted and told me off whilst Minnie got cuddles. Until I pulled my trump card… bottom lip out… quiver and then start sobbing. Then she cuddled both of us. Ha! works every time!

Sunday – Fell asleep just before dinner and so wasn’t tired at bedtime. Minnie fell asleep and so I stood kicking the door until the cavalry arrived, namely Mummy. She realised she wasn’t going to win so let me come and watch TV with her and Teddy. Doctor Who was a bit too scary, so me and Mummy hid under a blanket and played peep – oh. Minnie missed it all Ha! Ha!

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