To be clothed or not to be? That is the question

Twinadoes Diary of Three Year Olds

Monday – Special day with Mummy, just me and her today cos the daft grown-ups think I have speech delay. So off to the hospital we go. Get to ride on the ferry and scream at every boat and bird I see. Arrive at the hospital 2 hours later and there appears to be some mix up and not a proper appointment. Someone made a boo boo at the hospital . Mummy got all grumpy grown- up face. You should have heard Mummy’s language.

Tuesday – Am really getting the hang of this potty training lark. Didn’t want to stay at daycare cos was missing Mummy. 3 sloppy poos in my pants and BINGO they ring her to take me home. Back of the net!!!

Wednesday – Had the day off today cos had done sloppy poos yesterday. I was fine once I got home but apparently those are the rules; 24 hour stand down.

Thursday – Thursday is our stay at home day so today Mummy let us run around nudey all day. I say she let us, she kept making some vague attempt to put clothes on us but she gave up after the 6th time of redressing us. She’s learning.

Friday – Mummy got proper grumpy with us this morning as apparently she ‘had stuff to do’ once she had dropped us at daycare and our repeating yesterdays behaviour of ripping all our clothes off and running outside every time she turned her back was no longer amusing. Consistency woman!!

Saturday – Couldn’t find my ‘biya’ (that’s my sheepskin blanket to you uneducated big people) at 4 o’clock this morning so kicked the bedroom door down till I had woken everyone up. Mummy came in (not looking her best and muttering again) and guess what; I was holding it in my hand the whole time. Oops silly me!

Sunday – Woah! You’ll never guess what! Usually, it’s my twin sister Minnie that leads the way in the escaping and climbing out of windows stuff. But today I outdid myself. Mummy recently paid thousands of dollars to put a flipping big fence up to contain us in the back garden. She was so pleased with herself. Anyway, I only went and found the tiniest toddler sized gap under the deck between the fence and where it joins the house. And yep, brave little me went straight through and out on the other side. Freedom!!! I was about to make a run for it down to the local shops but Mummy caught me… Boy, was she ‘Double Grumpy’ about that!


  • Bev

    Love your posts. My twins were 20 months yesterday and they are interesting to say the least… miles apart in development and your naked post had me laughing and relieved that it’s not just me. After bath time yesterday I put little miss A into her wondersuit and into the cot. She then starts pulling at her zipper and i put it back up. Repeat this 10 times. She gives up. Go back and check on her an hour later and its around her ankles…omg .. what’s next??? Pleasssse not the nappy🤨

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