Her who shall be ignored! Yes, I do mean Mummy…


I’m a bit naffed off with ‘Her who shall be ignored’ to be honest. With no warning whatsoever our special Mummy and Me day has been cancelled. Apparently, it’s for my own good as I was getting confused and suffering from separation anxiety and kicking 10 tonnes of something out of the door at Daycare. So what? I hear you ask. The inescapable conclusion I have come to is, I am no longer the self-pronounced ‘favourite twin’, therefore I shall start to rival my sister with the ‘most mischievous twin’. Let’s see how she likes that eh?


Well, who knew if you tip an entire tub of fish food into the fish tank it could make the fish explode? I do wish daycare would explain these things to us more fully. Yes, I did it. Yes, it was fun. Did I know it would start an absolute panic amongst the big people? No. But it was flipping hilarious to watch.. Hee! Hee!


I have noticed they’re not as keen to let me play in the under two’s section any more. I used to get free rein and used as unpaid dancing and singing entertainment for the babies. But since the fish tank is in there they’re watching me like hawks…

Twins ignore mummy


So, I kept Mummy up all night apparently. How was I to know that she really needed to sleep past 2 am?, I was full of the joys of a new day and playing with my Duplo, Mobilo and Power Rangers. It was fun doing it all in Mummy’s bed. OK not quite as fun when she lost it at about 4am and attempted to put me back in my room with my twin sister. But I showed her who was boss and she gave in.. Begging me not to wake the other two with my shouting. Ha! Result. Me -1, Mummy-0


Freaked my sister out this morning by hiding under the blanket in the hallway and grabbing her as she went past. At first, she giggled but when I over excitedly bit her arm, well let’s just say the fun stopped then and ‘she who shall be ignored’ got her grumpy face on. So I did my quivering lip routine and BINGO I got cuddles as well. I couldn’t help smirk as Teddy looked on in disbelief.


Apparently, we are all in Mummy’s extra extra good books as we let her have a lie in. She never mentioned this to us mere children but I heard her going on about it in at least 3 different conversations to her girlfriends on the phone. Yawn, boring… Is that all she can go on about. Me and Teddy made a huge fort/space ship/ prison (yes, I wasn’t convinced about the last one either but Teddy insisted and guess who the one was that got tied up?) Anyway I digress. She made such a big deal about her ‘lie – in” I’m beginning to feel guilty for all those 2am “Hello, are you missing me yet?” wake up’s… OK, not so guilty that it’d ever stop me, but at least I had a 2 second fleeting thought.


Today we baked! Well, to be honest, Teddy and Mummy did the hard work and Minnie and I did the quality control testing and eating. Chocolate chip muffins rule. But please don’t just leave them up on the kitchen counter again to cool. As it was quite a tortuous few minutes to be able to see them and not eat them…


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