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We're happy to share with our twin mates posts which might be of interest to them. Think stink bombs and the like. We might get Mum to do the write-up though...


We like putting things through their paces. We're pretty keen on sharing products that have passed the 'can we destroy it' test!

Brand ambassadadors

If you're looking for twins to be ambassdors for your brand, then look no further! We're cute, hardworking, and our Mum's really funny 😉

Guest posts

If you'd like to submit a guest post to us, please feel free to send a brief outline to Mum. We can't promise we will be able to post everything, but we can promise that we'll demand Mum read us your outline as a bedtime story.


We quite like it when Mum's snapping away, and as such we quite like #Twinstagram.
From product placements to Instagram shout-outs, we're the twins you need.


Did we tell you Mum does that comedy thing? She's pretty funny to be fair... We're more than happy to send her along to your event to make all the grown ups laugh!

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