toddler twins and an another laying on beanbags with ice lollies

You think THAT will stop me – 18 months

Monday – Climbed out of the playpen today and fell and split my lip open. Minnie then decided to try and climb out of the window and got her head stuck. Are we making it clear enough we are over this cage?

Tuesday – Stole my big brothers fish fingers and ate them very stealthily whilst no one was looking today. Well, if he will put his plate down next to the playpen what does he expect.

Wednesday – Teddy is showing us some awesome climbing moves balancing on the table and the sofa at the same time. It was a real shame he fell off and banged his head. Mummy had just said ‘Don’t come running to me if that happens’, then it did. Spooky.

toddler twins and an another laying on beanbags with ice lollies

Thursday – Started singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ Today and all the big and little people clapped. Quite liked that so did it another twelve times. Thought they were rude to tell me that’s enough now, don’t they appreciate my art?

Friday – My sister thought she’d try and top me by singing her rendition of ‘The Wheels on The Bus’. With movements! Show off. But, I joined in and sang louder, well I say sang I kind of just made dinosaur noises. But my audience loved it!

Saturday – My Superhero brother turned 5 today. He had an awesome party at the skate park. Those really big kids like the 4 and 5 year olds are so cool. Don’t know why they kept shouting at me to move it wasn’t my fault my trike kept stopping at the bottom of their ramp.

Sunday – I really like our Mummy’s idea of an ‘After Party’. We all got left over cake for breakfast. I licked up all the spare icing as well, quite a lot of it. But then got a bit of a tummy ache and my poos spilled out of my nappy and down my legs. Mummy did weird gagging noise again.

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